Our Calling

The Chic Inn LLC is a call to empower, nurture, focus on, and minister to “women”. Our luxury cabin is a place where you can renew and refresh your love connection to God and retreat… A place where you can let your body, mind, and spirit, calm giving you a fresh start… A place where you can emotionally release, and physically rejuvenate… A place where you can center, reconnect, realign, your emotions, beliefs, values, goals and intentions. The Chic Inn is a place for you to overcome spiritual distress, enhancing your spirituality via mindfulness, clarifying your meaning and purpose.

It is a place to be in silence, laugh, pray, study, enhancing your self-awareness, as you learn to live in the now.
Come to the Chic Inn, your home away from home where our Focus is on YOU!!!
Dr. Susan
Manager, Chic Inn

About the Manager

Hi, I'm Dr. Susan..

Pastor, Chaplain, Author, Educator, and Entrepreneur. I have a beautiful luxury cabin and rooms with fruit trees, gardens, and chickens. Yes, I said chickens. I'm a chic with chickens so the place is called, "The Chic Inn." I have been serving women: Veterans, healthcare professionals, executives, and various other care-givers since the early 80's. I've learned that women take care of everyone else yet battle with self-care. The Chic Inn is designed to be a relaxing place to help people focus on what is important, becoming more aware of their meaning and purpose in life.

So...if you're looking to be spoiled and well nurtured, "The Chic Inn LLC is the place to be. For your pleasure we are currently building a deck to support an addition that will house the following: a spa, sauna, massage and sound therapy. We also look forward to our inverted fire pit and koi pond. This is a part of our calling to serve and care for you!.

You Have Questions?

Email: sb.thechicinn@gmail.com

Tel: 317-759-4020